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Introducing STORM WATCHER, our Sumatran Single-Origin Coffee, an extraordinary brew that transports you to the lush landscapes of Indonesia with every sip. Sourced from the renowned coffee plantations of Sumatra, this coffee offers a unique and captivating experience for true coffee connoisseurs.

Flavor Profile: Brace yourself for the gust of flavors that STORM WATCHER brings to your palate. The dark, volcanic soils of Sumatra impart a rich, full-bodied character to this coffee, accompanied by intense and earthy notes. Revel in the storm of cedar, tobacco, and hints of dark chocolate, creating a sensory experience that mirrors the wild beauty of Sumatra.

Aroma: The aromatic tempest of STORM WATCHER is as captivating as a distant thunderstorm. The fragrance of this Sumatran coffee blend is characterized by its deep, smoky notes, complemented by a subtle sweetness reminiscent of molasses. Allow the enticing aroma to envelop your senses and prepare for the flavorful journey ahead.

Roast Level: Our expert roasters have precisely crafted STORM WATCHER with a medium-dark roast to accentuate the robust qualities of Sumatran beans. This roast level strikes a perfect balance, ensuring that the coffee's boldness shines through while preserving the nuanced flavors that make Sumatran coffee truly exceptional.

Sustainability and Quality: STORM WATCHER is not just a coffee; it's a commitment to sustainability and quality. Sourced through ethical practices, these Sumatran beans support local communities and environmentally responsible farming methods, allowing you to savor each cup with a clear conscience.

Brewing Recommendations: Embrace the versatility of STORM WATCHER by experimenting with various brewing methods. Whether you opt for a classic drip brew, a French press, or an espresso, these Sumatran beans adapt effortlessly to cater to your preferred coffee ritual.

Experience the tempestuous beauty of Sumatra with STORM WATCHER, a coffee that invites you to savor the bold, untamed flavors of this captivating region. Elevate your coffee journey with each cup of STORM WATCHER, where the essence of Sumatra unfolds in a symphony of taste and aroma.

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