• What type of fundraising do we do?

    We are committed to our community. We are open to discussing any fundraising opportunities that could benefit those who live in the Cowichan Valley. Whether it's supporting local schools, animal shelters, or community outreach programs, we are enthusiastic about exploring opportunities that uplift both our two-legged and four-legged neighbors in the Cowichan Valley.

  • Why is fundraising so important to us?

    Fundraising enables us to support local initiatives that directly impact our young children's future and the well-being of our nearby parents. Additionally, as pet owners, fundraising ensures we can contribute to animal welfare causes that benefit our beloved pets. Most importantly, by actively participating in fundraising efforts, we uphold our commitment to fostering a thriving community, recognizing that what strengthens our community ultimately enhances our own lives.

  • Here's what we have to offer

    Our fundraising process operates seamlessly through our Shopify website, utilizing a unique fundraising code dedicated to each cause we support. Sales made using this code are meticulously tracked, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the fundraising period. Subsequently, a portion of the profits generated is directly allocated to the designated cause, allowing us to make tangible contributions to our community's welfare.